I can collect the player mechanism of your instrument from your home address thus saving on expensive piano removal costs. As I only do restoration on Player actions, any work needed on the piano action can be done by your local Piano tuner/ Technician before I return the restored player mechanism for re fitting into the piano. If more extensive work is needed on the piano, complete action overhaul, restringing or case polishing, the piano can be taken to your local piano restoration workshop or I can arrange for it to be done in a fine Devon restoration workshop near my address. I have worked on instruments as far afield as North Wales, Skegness and Kent. Player Pianos are now in the region of 80 to 100 years old , so the tubing , air hoses and bellows made of rubber cloth are perished. All these parts are restored with new materials of the best quality and I only use Cabinet Makers Hot Glue, modern glues will ruin the instrument , making future restoration impossible. I can also offer restoration of individual player components such as Air Motors , Pedal Pneumatics etc sent by post. If you wish to find a Player Piano or Reproducing Piano , I can help with this as well and recommend an instrument with an Aeolian Pianola mechanism,they are well made and straightforward to restore. My rates are reasonable with no Vat on my time but there is on materials which are charged at trade price.