For over 40 years I have worked on the mechanisms of the finest makes of Player Pianos from the basic foot pumped Pianola through to Reproducing Player Pianos that reproduced from the music roll the performance of famous Composers and Pianists of the early years of the 20th Century. Until the end of September 2012 I ran one of Cornwall's most entertaining small Tourist Attractions " Magnificent Music Machines". My late father and I opened the Museum in 1967 and over the years had many different player pianos including Reproducing Pianos by AMPICO and the Welte-Mignon. The collection also had Fair Ground Organs, Orchestrions, Musical Boxes and Wurlitzer Theatre Organs. The Museum building is going to be used by my daughters as a Unique Wedding Venue complete with the 1929 Wurlitzer Organ from the Regent Cinema Brighton for the Wedding March.